Notification from ESEH: scam and authentic e-mails

In recent times, we have been faced with scam messages by someone we do not know
impersonating the ESEH President. We kindly ask you to check the email
address from which these emails are sent (@gmail or @hotmail, etc) by
viewing the full headers. The President will send an email from,, or only, with a detailed signature
including links to his personal websites.

Please note that requests for money will not come from the President
but only from the ESEH treasurer and they will concern only the
payment of ESEH membership. All payments to ESEH should go through the
means offered on our website (bankwire/paypal)
and only to those accounts.

We thank you for your cooperation and ask you to be careful!

Kind regards,
Andrea Gaynor, Elena Kochetkova, Marco Armiero, Wilko Graf von Hardenberg


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